What we do

Ministry of Administration and Digitization of Poland

The Ministry was established on 18 November 2011.

The new ministry combining the areas of administration and digitization was created in line with the governmental strategies. The mission of the ministry is to create a digital boost for the development of Poland. The main tasks of the new ministry are to develop broadband infrastructure, support the creation of web content and e-services and promote digital competences among citizens. Digitization is also key to modern administration.

By coordinating actions in these areas we hope to make our society and economy grow. Digitization enables synergies between various domains – access to internet, participation in democracy and cultural life and digital economy. Not only does digitization help economy grow, but it also promotes equal opportunities for all citizens. Internet will make it easier to to have access to cultural goods and jobs regardless of whether you live in a big city or a remote village.

Effective digitization is based on three pillars: providing internet access, developing web content and services and promoting digital competences.